Visualisation has been close to us for ages, and by using it we do our work simply, effectively, more creatively, faster and we remember things longer – whether we need to explain something to our colleagues, teach them, show connections or “just” present. Visual thinking and the methods related to it therefore have significant validity not only in internal meetings or presentations, but also during trainings and conferences. At the beginning there is only a white sheet of paper and at the end there is a large visual map with thoughts, moods and emotions which are worth remembering.  


Visual thinking, or the ability to take notes with the help of key words and simple visuals (sketchnoting) doesn’t require a talent for drawing – it’s enough to grasp a few basic principles, experiment, doodle and practice, and before you notice, you’ll find out that you can concentrate better, see connections faster, be more effective and meetings will be far more engaging. We’d love to teach you all of that in one of our training sessions either online or offline, within your company or at our open course.


These are essentially visual notes in a “big style” – participants of a meeting (conference, workshop, company meeting) can follow the key thoughts and connections between the main ideas in real time. This helps them to remember the most important things better and faster, engaging them in the covered topics and it often stimulates a deeper understanding. The visuals can easily be interconnected with the next meeting or be used for further internal/external communication. We create visual recordings either on a huge sheet of paper or in a digital format. Can we visualise your next meeting, workshop or conference?


Getting to a vision, strategy or values, finding solution to dilemmas, kicking off a new project or fixing an unproductive situation in a team – a facilitator can help you with all of these (and more). As soon as you bring in visual techniques, methods and tools, you can improve the efficiency and speed of the whole process, you engage the participants more and you often work in a much more productive atmosphere. We’d be glad to help you with this!


It’s often said that every picture says a thousand words and that’s also true for company values, visions and processes. By working together we can help you communicate what is important in your firm in a simpler way, even though it’s difficult to describe. In other words, we’ll create this for you visually.


You will get an overview and remember all the significant information. You can easily create a plan and you’ll find the best way to achieve it. Mind maps are intuitive and natural for our brains because they connect words, pictures and colours into a well-arranged structure. They are a valuable aid in business as they are illustrative and the whole team works together to ensure all the steps are visible. Therefore, you don’t lose the links, you develop the team’s creativity and fundamental managerial activities (planning, organising, leadership, checking…).

Our team of visual facilitators and visual recorders:


Bea specialises in visual facilitation and visual recording, which she discovered already during her university studies. She shares her passion for visualisation not only through visual recording for clients, but also through visually facilitating different meetings or via training of visualisation, sketchnoting and visual thinking.

Bea is a Czech member of the IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners), for which she also trains at an international level, and at the same time is a Neuland ambassador – a German producer of facilitation and visual recording tools.

Education / certification / conferences:

  • Thriving Digital Practitioner, 2020, Raquel Benmergui, Finland
  • Advanced Visual Practice Workshop, 2019, Presencing Institute, New York
  • Visual Practice Workshop, 2017, Presencing Institute, Berlin 
  • Fundamentals of Interactive Visuals, 3 months long program - 2013, Christina Merkley, Canada
  • Global IFVP Conference, 2020 online, 2019 Montclair, 2018 Rungstedgaard, 2017 Decatur, 2016 Washington DC, 2015 Austin, 2014 Berlin 



Klára's background is in psychology, but her soul is the one of an artist.

She discovered her greatest passion in the areas of visual thinking and visual communication. You can appreciate her work if you want to visually capture the flow of an event (visual recording), to use visual facilitation while searching for problem solutions or to communicate and present through simple pictures.

Klára's top expertise is digital drawing. She literally doesn’t let go of her iPad and can do a variety of tricks from the live recording of a virtual conference to creating animated videos.



Martina specialises in visual courses, workshops and facilitation through mind maps for various themes: projects, strategies, process mapping, competence mapping, values, business planning, self and time management and task organisation.

Even if she is dangerously structured, expect to see energy and enthusiasm for what she does on her courses. On the other hand, what you shouldn’t expect is a plain workbook and dry explanation of data. She works with business people and children, illustrates books, teaching and presentation materials, and inspires and helps people to easily understand topics that they are struggling with. For Martina, work is more than just a hobby. Martina is also a member of the IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners).



Michaela has been engaged in sketching and visualization since 2016. She uses both mainly in training and coaching. With coaching clients, she uses visual notation during the session, which helps to capture, organize and explain thoughts.

Visualisation is a bit like art and every artist has their own unique, unmistakeable style of work, so please look through the sample portfolios:




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