Bea Brosková

Partner, Visual Facilitator and Recorder, Trainer

Something working

Bea initially joined humancraft in the role of relationship manager, but thanks to her passion for self-development and visualisation she quickly attained the role of trainer, facilitator and “graphic recorder”. She puts her heart and plenty of energy into her work, which is contagious for everyone around. She is an integral part of our internal development at humancraft. Bea is also one of the founding members of the European professional organisation of so-called “visual practitioners”. 

Something personal

At first sight Bea is an energetic woman who does things with enthusiasm and passion. During her studies she took part in academic debates and for a long time worked as a volunteer in an international student organisation. She loves frequent travel and apart from Czechia and Slovakia she has lived in 4 other countries. She loves cooking, has a library card, and runs, but for the last few years her favourite hobby is visual thinking and everything related to it – not only on home territory but all over the world.