Vít Šrámek

Professional Coach and Facilitator

Something working

Quite a while ago Vít joined the group working under the wings of humancraft as an external partner because of the dynamic and professional approach of the team to their clients and fairness to their partners. He also likes that humancraft does not only focus on the expertise of its team but also on the human qualities and fine atmosphere in the team. As a professional coach Vít concentrates mainly on individual work and team support in the form of facilitation and team coaching. Additionally, he likes passing on the skill of coaching and various leadership skills that he gained during his corporate past.

Something personal

Apart from his profession as a coach, Vít fell in love with Argentian tango in 2013, which since then he has been pretty dedicated to. In addition to attending courses and seminars on this specific dance, he travels to Buenos Aires to learn tango directly at its source. Maybe he became addicted to this type of dancing because it unites the connection among people, self-awareness, your partner and music, creativity, movement, elegance, depth and much more, which is basically an analogy for working as a professional coach. Additionally, he works with the Veronika Kašáková Foundation that supports children leaving children’s homes.