Stanislav Antoš 

Trainer, Consultant, Coach

Something working

Standa tried being a “headhunter”, sold Coca-Cola, was a regional HR manager responsible for the education of 40 000 employees in 28 countries. He was the co-founder of a non-profit organisation called LEAF where he looked into a crystal ball and developed a methodology for estimating the potential for entrepreneurial spirit and principled behaviour. He searched for and selected students for the new LEAF Academy, an international boarding school. He advises on questions about human power and capital to the boards of start-ups and corporations, and he occasionally teaches at Masaryk University. 

Something personal

Standa’s passion is development and education. He has taught self-defence, been the principal of a puppet theatre, and worked with children with behavioural problems. He studied education, psychology, and, at the graduate level, human resources management in Great Britain, and an MBA in Australia. He enjoys walks with his wife and dog along the River Labe, gets pleasure from his three smart grown-up children, organises holidays for the extended family, cuts down dry trees, ploughs fields and sings (falsetto) with wine or beer.