Simona Harvišová

Trainer and coach (CZ, ENG)

Something working

Simona is a specialist in stress management, leadership and communication. Her passion is psychology. When he is not training, he is involved in coaching and mentoring. She likes to do what she likes, work that gives her meaning, she is fully committed because she believes that this is also reflected in the results. Simona spent a year at an American high school where she realized that she enjoys discovering and exploring new things, expanding her knowledge and personal development. She graduated from the University of Economics, has experience in corporations, startups, likes to network and innovate. She has several coaching trainings and knowledge in the field of eating psychology. Logic and meaningfulness are important to her at work.

Something personal

Simona was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel and discover the world from an early age. Frequent trips outside Slovakia taught her that the world is a diverse and colorful place and its beauty lies in diversity. In addition to travel, she is fascinated by languages, gastronomy and culture. In the evening you can find her at ballet, yin yoga or immersed in a book. She never disdains a good coffee or an exhibition. In coaching, she helps people find balance in life, be a good leader for their team, better manage stressful situations, manipulation and also accept their body, aging and the associated limitations that often bring challenges to people with age.