Roland Zajkó

Organizational Developer and Trainer (HU, EN)

Something working

Roland has been working as a trainer and OD expert for more than 15 years. He loves to learn and develop, especially on the field of psychology. His primary mission is putting the elements together – soft and hard skills, corporate and personal goals, culture and strategy – into a highly profitable engaging workplace. Doing this all with high level of involvement from all the parties. Isn’t this the most interesting?

Something personal

A wanderer, explorer, traveler. Roland is always in search mode. Maybe for the best place to ride motorbikes, or for a new sci-fi writer, maybe developing a new skill like U-turn in the dirt, or just a great place in the woods to make a cowboy like night-over. As the world is ever changing, there is always something to see, learn, experience. He often steps out of his comfort zone, and looks at these experiences as important and vital parts of his life.