Radka Šlapalová

E  radka.slapalova@humancraft.cz
P  +420 778 022 197

Something working

Radka is in HR and first knew humancraft as a client and course participant. The field of education, which is close to her, attracted her to the team, in addition to the great team of people and the opportunity for self-development. With clients she searches for the appropriate training and tailor-made development for employees. Every meeting gives her new energy, and behind the client she doesn’t just see a company, but mainly people. On meeting Radka expect a smile, questions and helpfulness.

Something personal

Radka loves meeting new people and hearing their life and work stories. She’s friendly and it’s not a problem for her to approach someone she doesn’t know. She’s been sporty since childhood and she likes team sports and skiing the most. She studied and lived in Sweden for half a year. She likes travelling abroad and to this end she studies foreign languages. She splits her free time between family, yoga and being creative.