Milan Žák

Trainer, facilitator and consultant (CZ, ENG)

Something working

Milan learned a lot at P&G, where he rose from the position of sales representative, through the development of his sales team, to the highest position of sales director. He likes change, so he exchanged the corporate environment of the American giant for a family-owned French company, for which in the Czech Republic he first ran a cheese factory in Sedlčany (Lučina) and gradually all its branches (Král Sýrů, Pribináček, Apetito). As Milan says, it was probably his most favorite job - beautiful brands, great colleagues and factories in the most beautiful places in Bohemia. Cheese goes with wine, so he and his partner built and owned a winery in beautiful Mikulov for about 10 years. From the sale of fast-moving goods and food, he eventually moved to the service sector, where he is dedicated to helping clients in the sale of real estate and companies.

He believes that people like to learn when they are shown why it will help them ... and that there is a piece or at least a piece of an inquisitive child in each of us.

Something personal

When Milan needs to relax, he prefers to go for a bike ride or a run, switch off, be silent ... sweat and look at nature. Every year he tries to go somewhere he hasn't been before, and if there are mountains and the sea, it's nirvana.