Lucia Trembecká

Key Account Manager

Something working

After studying public administration, coincidence (and life in her native city Košice) led Lucia to international trade at the East Slovakian Steelworks where she started in international trade with foundry products.

Subsequently, her steps were directed to the Telco and ICT/IT area, where, in the role of an Account Manager, she went through major telecommunication corporations in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and the world of information and telecommunication technologies became a part of her life for 19 years.

This path was a great school for her and an opportunity to understand the environment and needs of corporate customers from various business areas in both the Czech and international settings, as well as her own needs, values, and professional preferences.

Her desire to work in a field close to her heart led her to humancraft - corporate culture, education, self-development, working with talents, and employee satisfaction, as well as the values of humancraft, which she has resonated with from the beginning - fairness, openness, real and practical value for the client, and growing their business. In her work, she loves meeting new people, building long-term relationships based on trust, openness, and cooperation with professionals and nice people in one.

Something personal

Lucia loves movement and sports of all kinds, where she can release her temperament and recharge with positive energy. Biking, skiing, skating, running, dancing, evening workouts at home in the garage. With three children, she tries to combine every opportunity with physical activity, household duties, and ideally also "walking" some of her two or four-legged pets, so you might easily see her running next to 1-3 children on bikes, with a dog by her side and backpack with groceries on her back.

In recent years, she has been charmed by beach volleyball with a group of friends.

She really enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures, scents, tastes, ideally when it is a combination of mountains, sea, and historic cities.

Besides sports and nature, she recharges her batteries in the company of friends, and when her extroverted soul is satisfied, she very much enjoys reading or listening to anything in the field of psychology, self-development, or parenting.