Lucia Balgová

Trainer and Facilitator

Something working

Lucia got to know humancraft as a participant of the Visualization and Sketching training, that she signed up to improve her own training and recording content on a flipchart. He is currently the newest member of our team. She studied andragogy and is still convinced that it was the right choice, because the development of people is both her mission and her hobby.

She is pleased when she can contribute to improve lives of participants not only at the workplace, but also in privacy. Manufacturing companies and long-term development programs, during which a change in the thinking and behavior of the participants can be seen, represent her heart interests. (Not only) during training, she likes fun, simplicity, and practical usability.

Something personal

Lucia is synonymous with variety - she likes to combine colors, patterns, styles, music genres and hobbies - she chooses according to the current mood, but she is not moody. You will usually meet her smiling, because she knows that everything goes easier with a smile. She likes challenges, spontaneous ideas and being herself.

Most of all, she likes to be crazy with her children and recharg her energy in nature - by walking, running, cycling or hiking. She loves dancing, which for her is both joy and self-expression in one.