Karolina Tichá

Relationship Manager

E  karolina.ticha@humancraft.cz
P  +420 603 558 575

Something working

Kája joined the firm right at the beginning in 2005. The people in the company became her second family. She admires the people in humancraft for their approach to work, their enthusiasm for what they do and their effort to really change things and help to fully implement the changes. Her favourite area is the personality typologies of Lumina and Insights.

Something personal

The biggest joy that Kája gets from work is the feeling that she is useful. Most of her time is spent looking after clients. She tries to be of as much help as possible and give them the feeling of sincere and excellent care. She pampers the trainers and is glad when they feel that they have given a great performance in their training thanks to her and that the participants are happy. Caregiving doesn’t even stop at home, with her family, and preferably in the mountains or on trips.