Jana Křížková

Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator  


Jana has more than 20 years’ experience working in one of the biggest international corporations in the world. She progressively rotated through many positions in the sales department – from sales representative to key account manager to a position with responsibility for all sales contracts with key retail chains. Her enthusiasm for working with people and their development is the reason why Jana decided to start passing on her experience and knowledge through various types of training. Her specialisations are practical exercises and an experiential form of education. She also occasionally works for the University of Economics in Prague, where she is entertained and inspired by students’ opinions.

Something personal

JJana has a great family with three rascals and an amazing and supportive husband. She likes to learn new things and that suits her best in the company of other people. The best way to recharge energy is sitting with her friends with a glass of high-quality dry red wine. Jana loves movement and she still has a dream of breaking the barrier of covering 100 km on in-line skates. Her current record is 95.2 km. Her biggest fear is boredom, routine and stagnation.