Christine Nicodová

PR & Event manager

P  +420 777 839 323

Something working

Before Týna set out abroad after graduation, she organized bachelor parties and coordinated various events for companies as a part time job while studying high school– from team building to gala evenings and conferences. She joined us after 4 years of study and work abroad. She first completed her university education in Denmark, where she also worked in gastronomy outside of school. Then she enjoyed some time in the warm climate of Greece before returning to Prague, where she worked as a marketing assistant in a corporate company. However, that was not for her, so she decided to work for herself. To this day, she has a few clients outside of Humancraft for whom she takes care of marketing. Before joining us, she took advantage of the fact that most of her work could be done from home and traveled across four continents. In the last year, she managed to visit Denmark, Ghana, Australia, and even China. But there's nothing like settling down in her homeland 😊

Something personal

In addition to being a travel enthusiast, Týna can't get enough of Italian and Asian cuisine. She loves all animals, but dogs are her favorite (fun fact: she's afraid of pigeons). She's passionate about discovering everything new, especially different cultures and traditional lifestyles in various countries. She's up for any fun – the riskier it is, the more she likes it. Another such activity she plans to do is skydiving (preferably with a parachute) and hiking to Santiago. She's also interested in psychology and is a certified yoga instructor. Sport is a daily part of her life. Not just yoga, but she also enjoys sweating it out in the gym, swimming, or climbing mountains. She also likes to acclimatize to cold water, especially after a sauna 😃