Attila Csergö


Something working

Attila has focused on business and finance his whole life, both at home and abroad. He shares his gained experiences as a motivational speaker with course attendees as an inspiration to use them for their own good. His courses, full of energy, dynamism and hands-on work, attain more than a 90% success rate. In 2009 his courses gained accreditation by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia. He fulfilled a lifelong dream when he lectured at Charles University. Knowing 6 languages gives Attila a strong competitive advantage and presence on an international level.

Something personal

From a young age Attila has dedicated himself to sport, studying languages and electrical engineering. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise also attracted the attention of the media, who recorded an advertisement with Attila which was transmitted on Czech and Slovak TV stations. We can see Attila in his free time with a soldering iron in his hand and various electrical connectors and plans that he’s frequently found in recent years in technical journals.