The story of humancraft 

We started as a garage company in a villa in Chabry. Most people who are with us today experienced our “little house”, as we called it. We lived together, cooked lunch together, hosted parties for 150 people and enjoyed two things – freedom to do what we liked, and punk, which accompanied everything in the beginning.

The bond that was created between us at that time formed humancraft as it is today. It’s not punk anymore and our clients no longer sleep in our bath. We’ve all grown up, got wiser and families have come into our lives along with responsibilities and joy outside of the firm. 

We have far more comprehensive services, a large team of trainers, and we want to take good care of it all. But what remained and what nobody can take away from us is the fact that humancraft is a second family for us all, and that defines its daily life and the relationships between the people that make it up today.