Zuzana Jiránková 

Consultant, Coach

Something working

Zuzka hugely loves people. She wanted to be a doctor and studied medicine, but fate saw it differently and so she dedicated herself to people for 20 long years in an international company. Her passions are in the fields of HR management, communication and executive management. When big Václav and little Jonáš came into her life, her efforts leaned towards non-profit organisations. She has helped more than one to a new future and she has helped more than one stand on its own two feet, until eventually she tried her own business importing premium prams, while studying journalism at the same time. In humancraft she works as a senior consultant and coach, and helps individuals and groups manage all situations that life brings them.

Something personal

Zuzka is an artist at heart – more than half of her body is decorated and you can almost always find her with a book. She loves aesthetics, art and literature and favours calm and solitude, which isn’t common for a member of a widespread Italian family. She spent more than half her life doing sport but today, if she has to run for a tram, she breaks out in rash. She has a great sense of humour and doesn’t ruin any kind of fun.