Zora Šebová

Relationship Manager

E  zora.sebova@humancraft.cz
P  +420 731 583 118

Something working

In the past Zorka worked for an agency providing children’s clubs and she loves saying that she still does the same thing, she just switched children for adults. She joined humancraft in 2016 and since then has been taking care of the clients every day, who she tries to help in any situation. Zorka is happiest when the people around her are satisfied, and therefore if it’s in her power, don’t hesitate to write to her and she’ll be happy to help.

Something personal

Zorka is a normal girl with an unusual life – she lived in Paris, taught children golf, lead a club called My Animal and thanks to this she had a tarantula sleep in her room and she transported a goat, lamb and mini-pig in her car. One animal stayed at home with her – Cinnamon the rabbit. Zorka likes baking (sweets, not rabbits!), reading, ballet, chocolate and in particular Nutella. And that’s why she also has to like exercising.