Veronika Moravcová

Relationship Manager

P  +420 722 928 413

Something working

Veronika has known the humancraft team for a good number of years, but she only joined them professionally 3 years ago. She transferred after 8 years working the corporate environment of an insurance company. She was attracted by the great working atmosphere and chance of self-realisation, for example in visualisation, which before humancraft she had never tried. Her main responsibility is customer care and the biggest reward she gets from this is when the client, participants and trainer are all happy after a training course. Veronika also ensures that you can look under the bonnet of humancraft by maintaining its website and Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, so check them out.

Something personal

Family is important to Veronika, which is who she spends most of her free time with. She’s a friendly woman who loves gardening and planting flowers, but also putting logs onto a fire in the fireplace. She likes reading, but since the birth of her two small pirates she rarely finds a calm moment to sit down with a book in hand. She switched reading for travelling around Europe with her family, which they love doing in campsites. It’s always a great adventure for the whole family with loads of new experience, giving them energy year-round.