Stanislav Tichý

Partner, Key Account Manager, Trainer, Consultant

P  +420 603 558 573

Something working

Standa joined the co-founders of the firm in 2004 and besides that being a salesman, trainer, and consultant he also had held a role of Managing Director for a few years. Today, Standa prefers preparation and launch of humancraft’s development programmes with tangible results for business. He also acts as a member of the Maturity Institute which helps companies to observe and develop intangible areas of company culture and of human resources.  

Something personal

Standa is a big fanboy of personal development (beyond sport, he had spent his youth with his head in books), leadership (6 years of his operating in AISEC – the international student organisation – has left an imprint) and utilising people’s potential (an opportunity for a huge value added to business). His family, managed by 3 small munchkins, allows him lots of fun and activities.