Stanislav Tichý

Partner, Key Account Manager, Trainer, Consultant

P  +420 603 558 573

Something working

Standa joined the co-founders of the firm in 2004 and apart from being a salesman, trainer and consultant he also held the role of Managing Director for a few years. Today, Standa prefers preparing and launching humancraft’s development programmes with tangible results for business. He’s also a member of the Maturity Institute, which helps companies measure and develop intangible areas of company culture and human capital.  

Something personal

Standa is a big fan of personal development (apart from sport, he spent is youth with his head in books), leadership (6 years in AISEC, an international student organisation, left its mark) and utilising people’s potential (an opportunity for huge value added for business). His family, managed by 3 small munchkins, gives him tons of pleasure and activities.