Petr Moravec

Partner, Head Trainer, Consultant

P  +420 722 928 422

Something working

At work Petr demonstrates a unique combination of real interest, business mind and psychological outlook. After working in a grand international company, he listened to his heart and dived straight into training as a clinical psychologist. Soon after, his business led him to start his own consulting and training company, Mindweb Consulting, with five people. It fascinated him that much that once he became licensed, he decided to focus fully on development of people. Petr is the soul of humancraft and he prefers performing on extensive projects with an impact on results and most involvement of clients. Being the co-owner of the company he is responsible for product strategy, development as well as for joint formation and marketing of our own and licensed products. His responsibilities also include building partnership alliances across sectors both in Czechia and abroad.

Something personal

Since childhood Petr has enjoyed creating and improving anything. From Lego rockets through his first bike to a portfolio of new solutions for a client. The impact of his secondary school geography teacher’s real interest in students’ personal lives got his attention. From his aikido teacher he mastered to focus attention and learn from feedback. In his first job he made effort to create better conditions for people to enjoy their jobs and undertake responsibilities for themselves, rather than just to distribute tasks. If he is not camping with his family somewhere abroad, he will appreciate you contacted him.