Ondřej Štos 

Trainer, Consultant, Coach

Something working

Ondřej is focused on targeted personality development. He personally and people around him had suffered a lot when he had not been competent enough for specific given positions. This time, with that realisation he gives training courses and leads coaches. He’s a preventionist. He emphasises that we need to be prepared for when our time comes. He tries to open participants’ eyes (heads). He uncritically believes that a way for all of us to become better leads purely through education, personal social development, and ability of self-reflection. He loves his work. 

Something personal

If you expect a young, dynamic, snappy man with a trendy haircut and bare ankles, you could be shocked. Ondřej is a little bit conservative when it comes to his personal style. A dad’s belly, stooped stance and maybe also a suit and tie. On the other hand, what Ondřej represents less, he makes up for all the more in his training. He relies a lot on his experience a having been a salesperson, HR manager and top manager. He follows the latest trends and scans foundation principles and solutions…so there simply is lack of time for his image.