Ondřej Štos 

Trainer, Consultant, Coach

Something working

Ondřej is focused on targeted personality development. He personally and those around him suffered plenty when he wasn’t competent enough for certain given positions. With this realisation he now leads training courses and coaches. He’s a preventionist. He emphasises that we need to be prepared for when our time comes. He tries to open participants’ eyes (heads). He uncritically believes that way for us all to be better lies purely through education, personal social development and the ability of self-reflection. He loves his work. 

Something personal

If you’re expecting a young, dynamic, snappy dresser with a trendy haircut and bare ankles at your training, you’ll be shocked. Ondřej is somewhat conservative when it comes to his personal style. A dad’s belly, stooped stance and easily also a suit and tie if it come to it. But what Ondřej represents less he makes up for all the more in his training. He relies a lot on his experience as a salesperson, HR manager and top manager. He follows the latest trends and digs for foundation principles and solutions…so there simply isn’t time for his image.