Michal Slavíček 

Trainer, Consultant

Something working

Michal has been riding the HR train since 2003. He has experience in retail, finance, production, IT and advertising. After a few years working for Gallup he can now write Engagement master practitioner on his business card (which he doesn’t do because instead of “master” on paper it’s more important for him to have happy clients). In the HR committee of the American Chamber CR he helped develop HR in Czech companies, and he helps the University of Economics in Prague prepare future HR people. He first attained and exchanged the role of HR manager for the role of a consultant and trainer, which more closely matches his desire to make firms more effective, and the world and people better. 

Something personal

A musician (enthusiastic rather than talented, as he says himself), sportsman and motorbiker. When possible, he prefers to use his scooter than his car and he only uses recyclable bags to pick up dog poop. Few people can take the smile away from his face and he resolves things calmly. If you ask him, he will teach you yoga for your eyes…or how to cut using a chainsaw. He’s got 1/8 circus blood and in the Indian horoscope he’s a “shaman” snake, which of course explains why something inside him forces him to do things differently, push boundaries and at the same time help others.