Michaela Holišová 

Trainer, Coach, Facilitator

Something working

Míša is a qualified economist with managerial experience in small- and medium-sized firms focused on production (procurement and logistics) and sales, and almost 15 years as an entrepreneur in the service industry – real estate and education, as well as being the founder, and for 7 years also the leader, of a non-profit organisation. With a smile she rejects the sentence: That wouldn’t work in our place. She knows that there are basic principles that are valid across organisations, and she helps leaders to find them in order for them to achieve results, and also to give her pleasure.

Something personal

Míša is a mother of three children. This is the reason why she wrote the book Parent Leader; she simply connected her work and private life. She likes to simplify things. She loves gardening – her more than 3000m2 garden is full of herbs and all kinds of plants including Jerusalem artichoke, medlar, quince and shadbush. She loves discovering forgotten treasures, and not only of the garden variety. She likes cooking and baking and conserving. She likes all kinds of work around the house – sometimes she sews, sometimes paints. She’s also a passionate reader – it doesn’t matter whether its fiction or non-fiction.