Martina Pospíšilová

Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator

Something working

Martina is an expert in the field of loyalty marketing and customer care. During all her career she was engaged with sales and consulting. In each job opportunity, she gained a lot of practical experience from basic positions while excelling to top management. Martina has led individuals, small teams and the organizations of hundreds of people from different cultures. As a lecturer, she organized many trainings and seminars across Europe and had also worked in South America. Her strenghts lay in systematisation and improvement of processes.

Something personal

In her teenage times Martina longed for a career as a fashion designer, dance choreographer or pianist. At the end, the interplay of circumstances led her to the opposite end - to the faculty of economics. In addition to her studies, she focused on non-profit student-activities focusing on leadership and training skills. During these years she realized that organizing and personal development are her greatest passions, where she can utilize her creative soul as well. However, the love of dance, music and fashion remained and enthusiasm for numerology arose.