Martina Finkei

Office manager

Something working

She came to Prague during her studies as part of a six-month practical internship in a company with which the university worked. Prague enchanted Martina so much that she completed her last year of studies externally and has been here for more than 10 years. Her first work experience (let's not count the number of part-time jobs during her studies and work in the USA) is in a large corporate company, where she went through several departments until she landed in HR. In the end, she decided to move to a start-up, where she enjoyed her HR dream job. Since January, she joined the humancraft team, where she is such an indispensable right hand wherever she is needed.

Something personal

Martina lives a very active life with her family. The family's passion is cycling and you can most often meet them on bikes, whether in the city or in the mountains. Martina likes to travel and discover any places in the world. She was enchanted by Vietnam and Iceland, where she wants to return as soon as possible. Martina is not a classic tourist, but a gastro-tourist - she loves food! Not only as a consumer, but also cooks or bakes something good here and there. She is sociable and likes to be surrounded by friends with whom she spends her free time. Crazy events turned into family events, which remained crazy, just a little differently and mainly enriched with experiences with little partners.