Martin Hoidar

Partner, Key Account Manager, Trainer

P  +420 777 023 503

Something working

Martin is a typical example of a person who matured into his current role from scratch. At the beginning he used to bind down manuals and hold the door closed not to be draught inside. At present, having been for 17 years in the company, he is one of our partners, the key figure of our sales team while training and facilitating more and more. All clients co-operating with him know very well that he would rather break his leg than refuse to offer them a helping hand. Being an honest and fair person he loves when other people treat him the same way.

Something personal

Martin, entited in our place nothing but „Hoidy“, is a pleasant lifelong optimist and a fan of Jára Cimrman. In case you met him in a bad mood, you can be trained by us for free. Since his young age he has been a big enthusiast of sport. Latest years the football, his favourite sport, left to background, since Martin devoted a lot of time to beach volleyball supporting thus his tallented wife. They have a little son Viktor and even a smaller princess Klárka.