Marcel Staviany

Trainer, consultant (CZ, ENG, PL)

Something working

Marcel has managerial experience in the sports environment, where he was responsible for the operation and functioning of the representative department and its teams. During this period he co-hosted several amazing championships and achieved success on the global stage.
He mainly focuses on topics such as personal efficiency, movement, health, technology and communication. A sporting background, especially karate and dance, influenced his approach to training and consulting. It strives to connect the world of physiology with the world of soft-skills and managerial skills.

Something personal

Marcel is an experienced movement instructor, in his Groove and Move project he helps people develop a positive relationship with movement and make it a natural part of their lives. In addition, he mainly plays the bass guitar, but also anything that makes sounds. He is an energetic and positive crazy person with more than 10 years of experience as a teacher of youth and adults. He is interested in his own movement practice, learning, sports cynology, mountains, camping and sleeping in the car.