Kristina Zbožínková

Trainer, Consultant, Coach

Something working

Kristina joined humancraft in 2017 basically by chance, but once she got to know the people who make up humancraft, she wouldn’t have had it any other way. She always finds some feedback in her job that she believes expands horizons, leads to development and helps attain goals. It’s for these reasons that Kristina is interested in the topics of stress management, effectiveness, time management, and assertiveness and communication. Because she has a creative side she likes thinking up how to bring creative techniques into everything she does. 

Something personal

Kristina is a sportswoman in her body and soul. Movement charges her with energy and has taught her to notice and respect people without prejudice, and to work on herself and others. The sport that rather chose her when she was young, and not that she chose, is basketball. She can boast several successes and she also left her mark on the national junior team. The most important thing for Kristina is her family, but there are also plenty of other challenges in her life. You can spot her not only on basketball courts, but also on in-line skates or a bike – that’s how she explores different corners of our country with her family.