Klára Keharová

Trainer and FacilitatorTrainer, Visual Facilitator

Something working

Klára is a psychologist by training and a creator in her soul. She is interested in relations and communication, and searches for possibilities how to improve them. She, as a therapist works with individuals and couples, as a facilitator assists groups and teams to understand each other and reach the mutual goal. Her greatest passion was discovered in thought visualisation and visual communication. You may appreciate her activity if you wanted to catch visually the course of action (graphic record), to use the visual elements through the common searching of solutions (visual facilitation) or to communicate and present while using simple pictures. Her „sovereign dicsipline“ is digital drawing. Actually, she does not let go her iPad of her hand and can produce the most diverse tricks - from vivid account of a virtual conference to creating a drawn video.

Something personal

Interests of Klára mostly reflect her current professional passions, she loves to read and constantly educate herself. She has enjoyed drawing from an early age, her school notes were exclusively in colours and with illustrations. Only when she first saw Bea in action, she realised that everything known and loved by her can be linked into a single activity. Since then, she has been doing nothing more than improving her skills and expanding the possibilities that drawing can bring. She draws and paints in more ways (digitally, watercolor paints, oil on canvas, hand lettering in every free moment. And her free moments are like saffron, because she is currently on maternity leave. Motherhood is now the period that broadens her horizons and brings an interesting and sometimes challenging self-experience.