Jana Horáková

Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Something working

Jana is a friendly and inspirational person who can attract attention. During her 15 years as a trainer she has gained a huge amount of experience, which, through stories and enthusiasm, she passes on to others. She is observant to the needs of participants and when discussing topics she focuses on their practical application. Through her interactive approach she is able to actively engage everyone so that during her training sessions no one falls asleep. 

Something personal

Jana is a woman who is full of life’s energy. She mostly likes to spend her free time doing something creative. She has skilful hands and a big imagination. She’s interested in fashion and apartment design, so she sews and resews, knits, grinds, polishes, upholsters and returns old things back to life. She enjoys life, likes calm, does yoga, wanders in the countryside, and likes to discover new places and cultures.