Jan Polák

Key account manager, trainer

Something working

František is a coach body and soul. After several years in the banking sector and others in the field of telecommunications, mainly in business positions, he subsequently began to devote himself to HR and employee training. He also educated himself and supplemented the necessary competences, and thus over time he was responsible for all processes in the field of education and development of employees in a large corporate company. Education has also become his hobby, so he is constantly interested in new trends and works on his own development.

Since 2013, he has become a trainer and consultant on a so-called "free-lance" basis and thus had the opportunity to work in many other companies and implement tailor-made training programs for them. The courses led by František are effective, focused on practice and characterized by high participation of participants, including practical exercises and feedback. At the same time, he can very well set up a comprehensive development concept and processes within the framework of employee education.

Honza has joined us in 2021 for as he says „atmosphere her is very kind and competitive at the same time. I like that you even in trade do not neglect the sense, you invest in quality of products and also in yourselves“. With us, Honza is going to evolve trade, however you will see him as a lector of trade topics, presence skills and work with groups. His motto is: „Cordiality and frankness are in trade world often unaccustomed, challenging investments however, they are meaningful and brings pure relationships and efficient outputs“.

Something personal

Honza is mainly a father today and he id glad to devote time to his two kids at spending adventures through their life routes. He finds his adventure in yachting and in mediation its beuties to new enthusiasts as well as in guiding personal development courses in the Holiday-school Lipnice. If owing time to rest, he loves actively to reminisce about his mountain-climbing career or mounts the bike and rides wherever. Or he simply falls asleep. Anytime and anywhere.