Heinrich Homola

Consultant, coach

Something working

Heinrich is helping companies to manage transitions which they need and to make changes work in the way they desire. Clients hire him either as an interim manager, or as a coach for their executives. As an executive focussed on change management & organization, he knows how to build teams, develop people, motivate them, lead them. As a certified systemic coach, he knows how to support executives in transition processes. For the last 30 years, Heinrich worked in several countries in a wide array of branches. Both in start-ups as well as restructuring. Usually as a CEO / GM. He likes marketing, brand building and communication, which is also where he started my career. Being bi-lingual with Czech and German and absolutely fluent in English and Dutch, Heinrich is the perfect choice for many international clients.

Something personal

For the last 15 years, Heinrich dedicates considerable time to his favorite endeavor: regularly teaching students at Czech universities, business schools, and even grammar schools. He is an active teaching partner with the Junior Achievement organization as well as a speaker for the Czech “youcanbeentrepreneurial” initiative. And as an AIESEC alumni, he has a long track record of delivering countless trainings and workshops for business students. His leisure time is dedicated to his family and his two dogs, and he loves to take his vintage car for a ride. Lately he re-discovered outdoor camping in Scotland.