Hana Hartošová

Trainer, facilitator, coach

Something working

Hana is characterized by her authenticity, enthusiasm, openness and support of others in their personal growth. She has been involved in adult education since 2006. Since then she has worked with diverse groups of participants in the Czech Republic and abroad - with people in decision-making positions in the corporate world, team leaders, employees from the non-profit sector, women on maternity leave, prisoners, high school and university students. Coaching and facilitation approach, along with support for implementing into practice what has been learned, are crucial and typical for her work and communication with participants. She tends to empower others for the growth mindset in all areas of their lives, too.

Something personal

Hana is an energetic and communicative woman ​who enjoys life as such. She is passionate about personal development topics, including growth mindset, together with topics of the current global challenges we are facing as a human race. During her university studies, she visited many educational, personal leadership related conferences for the youth across Europe as a participant, organiser, facilitator or keynote speaker. She also has an experience leading international teams. In her free time, she likes to go jogging and enjoys hula-hooping or hiking in the nature. Her top life values are honesty, trust and the will and ability to come to an understanding.