Alena Cábová

Business & People Development, Trainer

P  +420 728 101 250

Something working

Alena went through several different industries. From manufacturing to media & publishing, asset management, business consulting and top management development. 

She stood by the side and worked together with thought leaders of the world's most prestigious business schools, statesmen and businessmen. 

She joined the humancraft family after returning from her long-term residence in Mexico and the USA, and immediately launched herself into the region she loves the most - Moravia. Here she serves to and develops relationships with clients and brings them the best humancraft solutions. 

Something personal

Future, technology, neuroscience, imagination, potential, personal development, meditation, the impact of food on human being, children, beauty, different phases of life, philanthropy, balance, interpersonal relationships and communication, diversity of thought, systems, contexts and substance  - these are topics that Alena likes to focus on. What best describes her is energy, optimism, an indomitable belief in human good, and some “spicy words” here and there. After all, she is originally from Wallachia. Besides being useful in this world, her wonderful daughter Anička is what fulfills Alena the most.